1. Any color you like, so long as it’s Mitt.

    I am still not a Ron Paul supporter. But I am watching with a certain amount of open-mouthed amazement (or should that be amusement?) as the Republican Party continues their battle to airbrush him out of history.

    Their latest efforts to give the impression that the party is unanimously united behind the officially-sanctioned candidate are detailed in this Fox News video. It seems that the RNC is playing fast and loose with its own rules on delegates, dismissing elected delegates and even trying to rewrite the rulebook on the fly to make sure that Paul can’t be nominated. Never mind that Romney has enough votes to secure the nomination: the RNC wants to make damn sure that Paul’s name can’t even be placed into nomination. The official story is that everyone wants Romney, and contrary opinions will not be heard.

    It’s hard not to love the Republican Party when they do things like this. They are like perfect movie villains, deplorable along multiple dimensions at once. From nonsense-spewing bigots like Todd Akin to the way that the party machine demonstrates an almost Stalinist eagerness to enforce absolute conformity in backing their anointed choice, the Republicans are doing everything they can to make sure they will never be mistaken for the lesser of two evils.

    It’s hard not to get the idea that while the Republicans like the sound of the word ‘democracy’, they’re none too keen on it in actual practice.

    UPDATE: The RNC did offer Ron Paul the opportunity to speak at the convention … provided he submitted his speech for prior vetting, and promised to endorse Romney completely.